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Allan Company makes it easy for you to recycle.
Here's a short, simple guide.

People Bringing Recyclables
Gather your recyclables.

Allan Company is a full service recycling center so you can bring us virtually any recycling materials including paper, metals, plastics and e-waste. Visit our recycling directory for more information. Click here.

Be sure to sort and separate California Beverage Containers.

If you're bringing in CRV containers, these need to be separated by materials and from other recyclables. This is state law which we must follow.

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Find an Allan Company Recycling Center.

We have Recycling Centers in Baldwin Park, Fresno, Palmdale, Santa Ana, San Diego, and Glendale.
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What happens when you arrive?

Our associates will guide you to the buyback center. We have lots of baskets and we'll get you through the weighing and sorting process quickly. Then visit our cashier for payment. It's that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Allan Company Accepts To Recycle
What is eligible for California Redemption Value?

Here’s a quick guide: Soda. Water. Beer. Malt beverages. Wine coolers. Distilled spirit coolers. Sports drinks. Fruit drinks. Coffee. Tea. 100% fruit juice less than 46 oz. 100% vegetable juice 16 oz. or less.

How do I identify CRV containers?

Check the top of aluminum cans, or the sides of plastic and glass containers and look for these phrases: California Redemption Value. CA Redemption Value. California Cash Refund. CA CRV. CA Cash Refund.

How much CRV can I recycle at a time?

You can recycle 100 pounds per day of aluminum or plastic beverage containers. Plus 1,000 pounds of glass beverage containers. Loads cannot be split to meet daily limits.

People Getting Money For Their Recyclables
Why a 3-day wait for metal recycling payments?

To combat unauthorized scavenging of recycling materials, California law says payment for Non-Ferrous Metals (copper, copper alloys, stainless steel, or aluminum) must be held for three (3) days from the date of the sale. After that, a check for the payment can be mailed or the payment can be picked up in person.

What Allan Company Does Not Accept To Recycle
What is not eligible for California Redemption Value?

Milk containers, wine bottles, infant formula, liquor bottles, large 100% fruit juice containers of 46 oz. or larger, 100% vegetable juice more than 16 oz., containers for non-beverage containers such as food.

How To Know If You Can Recycle
I’d rather be paid by count not weight.

Customers can ask to be paid by count for up to 50 CRV beverage containers of each material type: 50 glass, 50 aluminum, 50 plastic in one day.

I prefer cash; why was I given a check?

For CRV recycling, state law says we must pay by a check for amounts of $100 or more. For lesser amounts, we pay in cash.

Metal Recyclables
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Why recycling matters:

Metal Recyclables

For every 10lbs of aluminum recycled, you eliminate 37 pounds of carbon emissions from the air.

Plastic Recyclables

For every 10lbs of clear plastic water or soda bottles, 3.3 pounds of carbon emissions disappear.

Glass Recyclables

In a landfill, glass bottles spend 1 million years waiting around to decompose.

Paper Recyclables

Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water and the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gas.

How are you doing?

You’re doing great! In the US, paper recycling hit a new record high in 2016. Over 67% of paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling.

Today, almost 22% of the glass produced in the United States is recycled.

In California, about 21 billion California Refund Value (CRV) eligible containers were sold in 2013. Of those, more than 18 billion were recycled!

(But if you had recycled those missing 3 billion containers, you would have walked away with $100 million!)

Teach your kids about recycling with this free booklet from the State of California:

Recycling Facts & Fun Book
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Teach your kids about recycling with this free booklet from the State of California: