Serving Business Better

Allan Company is the right choice for your business. For over 50 years we’ve offered superior customer service, prompt payment and complete integrity. We have the resources to create a great recycling program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Allan Company Recycling Facility
Allan Company makes it easy.

With our Turnkey Service, we can provide all the equipment and set up for a personalized system, so you can immediately start your recycling program. Allan Company offers superior customer service with in-depth experience in achieving results.

Allan Compant Recycling Trucks
Allan Company is well-equipped.

Our customers know we have the resources to service their needs. With our fleet of over 600 roll-off containers, we are able to provide customizations to containers for the collection of your recyclables. Plus we have the staff and infrastructure to pick-up your recyclables quickly and seamlessly.

Allan Company offers timely pick-ups.

We know you don’t have a lot of extra room to store the waste generated by your business. You can’t afford to allocate a lot of floor space, so you count on us to be there when we say we will. Timely pick-ups are one reason why our recycling programs are so effective.

Allan Company Recycling Truck
Allan Company provides Certified Weight Tickets.

Most customers do not have the ability to weigh their own materials before they are picked up at the site. So you have to trust who you’re working with. Allan Company has a reputation for honesty built over 50 years in the business. Our scales are certified for accuracy by the California Department of Weights and Measures.

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Allan Company pays faster.

As one of the biggest privately held recycling companies in the US, Allan Company has the financial strength to pay you for your recyclables promptly. This isn’t always the case in our industry. But we have the expertise and the staff to collect, weigh and pay on the materials generated quickly and accurately.

Allan Company has transparent pricing.

Under contract, we agree on a price for the types of materials that are being produced and proceed within the terms of the agreement. Because your recyclables are a commodity we are trading, our prices in contracts are often based on the Official Board Market (OBM) index.

Allan Company Workers In An Office
Allan Company can maximize value with equipment.

We can help with equipment sales or leases because the right equipment will improve your recycling revenue. Compactors let you collect more material in containers. Balers let you process your own scrap on site. This adds value because it reduces handling costs.

Allan Company Workers In An Office
Allan Company keeps improving the process.

We continually monitor your recycling operations and keep looking for ways to maximize your income on your scrap and for new ways to divert it. Allan Company has years of experience helping companies develop policies to ensure materials are being recycled.

Allan Company keeps you informed.

Data Summary/Reporting:
We report the materials collected and the payments made.

Volume Tracking:
We track the volume of material being generated. When we see an anomaly in the data we are able to bring it to the attention of management. Sudden changes in volume could be a sign of change in the operation, a sudden inefficiency in the system or can be a sign of theft within the operation.

Market Information:

We provide market information so that customers are aware of the value of their commodities and fluctuations in the markets for those commodities.

Waste Audits:

We track waste being generated to ensure that all valued commodities are being captured from the waste stream and recycled. Oftentimes, this includes suggestions for minimal changes to the operation which result in the production of more marketable scrap.